Ingenuity Magazine Winter 2020

12 Pond | 12 Pond | w I n creasing threats to base safety demand adaptive, innovative security solutions. Bases employ countless tactics to eliminate vulnerability, but the first line of defense for physical security at each installation are the entrance gates and perimeter fencing. However, daily base operations involve a constant flux of personnel and visitors. The challenge becomes how to maximize entry efficiency without sacrificing safety protocol. Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, one of the largest and organizationally diverse bases, sought to address this issue. The base needed a new Entry Control Facility (ECF) and Access Control Point (ACP) for Privately Operated Vehicles (POV) and commercial trucks to be inspected upon arrival. This addition would also have to comply with updated regulations required by the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC). To execute this project, the base contracted with the Pond design team to develop a Design Build (DB) Request for Proposal (RFP). The team was tasked with pioneering the implementation of the new UFC standards. Pond’s familiarity with defense projects provided a distinct advantage for leading this charge. Providing 6,100 SF of enclosed space and an additional 2,900 SF f or access lanes the wrIght way: SecurIng the entry at wrIght patterson aIr Force Base