Ingenuity Winter 2018

6 Pond | 4 FITNESS & WELLNESS ++ Offer healthy snack options for staff in your café. ++ Feature a fitness center onsite. ++ Have a wellness coach and champions on the team. ++ Provide easy access to showers and bike storage. 5 BREAKROOMS TO CAFE ++ Breakrooms have changed into a more open-area café-style layout. ++ They usually have a large island as a gathering place, similar to a heart of the home. ++ Staff choose to come to the café to relax or share ideas with team mates. ++ Several types of seating should be included in the planning. ++ Location should be close to the meeting area or the main entrance, which will allow the break area to serve as a multi-use space. This usually becomes part of the office culture. 6 AUTHENTICITY ++ Add a touch of local design throughout the space with use of local and reclaimed material ++ Be cognizant of the location of the office ++ Consider comfort over aesthetics (this can be hard for designers) 1 OPEN PLAN ++ Thoughtful workflow study has taught us that open floorplans are the optimal way to organize office space. They encourage both high productivity and collaboration in the planning stage. ++ People want to be able to choose where to work according to their task at hand. ++ Providing a place to escape the open area to regroup is a key factor in helping to make open office spaces successful. 2 TEAM COLLABORATION ++ Teaming areas have moved beyond traditional conference rooms. ++ Team collaborative areas create easy access to teaming opportunities for all departments throughout the office. ++ Technology needs to be a top priority for these areas to maximize their usage and encourage sharing of knowledge. ++ Electronics charging stations need to be accessible from anywhere in the office, with special attention paid to in- between spaces. 3 HOTEL OFFICE AREA ++ The employee is your #1 customer, so offer spaces for spontaneous collaboration and brainstorming. Today’s knowledge workers need a choice of workspace for maximum productivity. ++ This can include a concentration area, a sit/stand station, a small group meeting area, or a space at the café. 1 3 2 4 5 Office Design Trends Interior environments are integral to a client’s identity and have a direct impact on the well-being of staff and guests. Pond has the creativity and expertise to develop interior environments which reflect who you are and create a positive impact on your organization. Pond’s Interior Design experts stay on top of current trends, and use that information to offer our clients the latest innovations when designing their spaces. Here are the top trends we’re excited to see in 2018.