Ingenuity Magazine Summer 2021

As Pond’s new Vice President of Human Resources, I cannot tell you how proud it makes me to hear our company leaders say we need to do more to promote diversity and inclusion. You see, our workforce is already more racially and ethnically diverse than the typical architecture and engineering firm, but that is not enough. One in 10 of our employees is a proud military veteran, but that is not enough. We now have more women in leadership positions than at any time in Pond’s history, but that is not enough. We are committed to cultivating a culture where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential, not only because it’s the right thing to do for our employees but because it’s the right thing to do for our clients. The complex engineering challenges they bring to us deserve the highest level of creativity and innovation – the kind that’s only achievable when people of diverse backgrounds and experiences Advancing Diversity& Inclusion Through Connection and Collaboration connect, collaborate, and challenge the status quo. Diversity of thought is what drives meaningful innovation. Advancing diversity and inclusion is a team initiative. Senior leaders set the tone. Our HR team plays a central role in attracting, retaining, and developing our diverse workforce. But the real work of inclusivity happens employee to employee and moment by moment. When individuals seek to understand first before being understood, choose to embrace differences, and respect each other’s cultures and opinions. I’d encourage all of us to consider what we can personally do to create an environment where those around us feel empowered to bring the totality of their experiences to the table. Whether that be through the use of new meeting formats that solicit participation from everyone or the addition of your preferred pronouns to your email signature and social media profiles, there are ways both large and small we can signal to others that we value, understand and appreciate them. Prioritizing diversity means ensuring that our workforce is reflective of the world around us. At Pond, we recognize that every member of our team brings a unique perspective — one that is shaped by their background, identity, and experiences. Read below as Michelle Boulineau, Vice President of Human Resources, shares the diversity and inclusion initiatives that are guiding the firm's growth: Michelle Boulineau Vice President of Human Resources "Diversity of thought is what drives meaningful innovation." Pond Ingenuity | Summer 2021 17