Ingenuity Magazine Summer 2021

"Bio-methane is better captured and destroyed than released into the environment, says Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim G. Echols. Further, “the Public Service Commission needs to hear more from companies seeking to procure Renewable Natural Gas” to ensure a sustainable future for Georgians. Georgia ranks #4 among states in biomass for RNG potential. Commissioner Echols discussed RNG during a roundtable hosted by Pond July 26, 2021. The Natural Gas Industry Summit, attended by utility leaders from across the state, focused on the future of RNG from bio-methane sites and its place in Georgia’s energy future. A report highlighting the roundtable discussion will be published in late August. The problem of methane emissions in the atmosphere is becoming an increasing concern, so much so, that the Federal government, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is seeking ways to capture bio-methane and destroy it. The science is clear. With methane emissions growing at nearly 1 percent per year, levels have now reached concentrations in the atmosphere that are over 2½ times their pre-industrial level. Carbon dioxide concentrations are only 60 percent higher that pre-industrial levels. While the national debate frequently centers on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, methane is up to 80 times more potent as a greenhouse gas in comparison. Thus, the identification, capture and destruction of bio-methane is one of our most powerful tools in the fight against planetary warming. The EPA has now allocated $2,000,000 (up to $200,000 per award) and is soliciting proposals from cities/municipalities, institutional non-profits, and native-American tribes seeking to identify anaerobic digester opportunities. Bryan Evans, Pond’s Senior Vice President for Energy, said Pond is working closely with natural gas clients to ensure system integrity, improvement, and compliance. “We recognize that our nation’s natural gas pipeline system is best poised to capture and destroy all methane. We’re actively helping our clients connect with RNG developments to ensure Georgia uses this untapped natural resource to further distinguish the state as a national leader in energy innovation.” Alden Hathaway, PE Program Director of Power and Renewable Energy BIOGAS PLANT BIOGAS PLANT: a high quality agricultural fertilizer ANIMAL MANURE | DEDICATED CROPS | AGRICULTURAL BY-PRODUCTS | ORGANIC FRACTION OF MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE BIOGAS COGENERATOR BIOGAS ELECTRICITY HEAT UPGRADING BIOMETHANE DISTRICT HEATING POWER SUPPLY GAS NETWORK MOTOR TRANSPORTATION B IOMETHANE PROCESS POND'S NATURAL GAS SUMMIT: A LOOK TO THE 16 Pond |