Ingenuity Magazine Summer 2020

Reimagining the Guest experience Incorporate informational signage that outlines what your organization is doing to ensure a clean and safe environment. Increase the visibility of the cleaning crew to demonstrate your safety plan in action. Small signs that draw attention to the new standards and explain ways to limit risks will reinforce the updated guidelines. Hilton Hotels is leading by example in their initiative to instill guest confidence by sealing the room doors prior to arrival. Accessible cleaning supplies in rooms will emphasize the standards and give guests agency to clean up after themselves. The well-being of guests and staff must also be emphasized when crafting the space. The guest will feel at ease when it is apparent that the staff’s well-being is a top priority as well. Sense of Security for Travelers and Staff Enhance Connection to Nature In a world where technology is evolving at the speed of light, we often underestimate the value nature has on our overall physical and mental health. Increasing our connectivity to nature directly or indirectly through biophilic design has health, environmental and economic benefits that are hard to discount. Integrating natural elements such as light, air, and plants into your space can help foster a positive, emotional attachment to the setting. Safe Socialization As the world adapts to a new sense of normalcy, the hospitality industry has a unique opportunity to reimagine the overall guest experience. Industry leaders, brands and owner groups can implement contemporary, reconfigured spaces to significantly increase consumer confidence upon the return to business and leisure travel. Common sense practices that emphasize safety will be essential to ensuring a safe guest experience. Here are some ways that can be accomplished: As social creatures, human beings crave the connection that comes with socialization. Mandated distancing can have a negative impact on guests’ moods. If the space allows, think of ways to encourage social activities that accommodate for physical distance between guests. This could include outdoor activities or virtual experiences. Making these efforts will remind guests that you empathize with them and still seek to add value to their travel experience. 6 Pond |