Ingenuity Magazine Fall 2020

6 Pond | In 2020, paying attention to developing industry trends has never been more important. Evolving regulations and adjustments have altered wo r kp l aces ac ross t he country, changing the nature of daily operations. Complex designs have become even more complicated, as facilities aim to maintain efficiency and ensure safety. Facilities that are a part of the critical manufacturing sector are navigating how to meet growing consumer demand and supply essential items the public relies on. As industrial manufacturers encounter these new challenges, Pond has assisted clients in preparing for this transition. Here are some common ways facility managers can update their space to allow for social and physical distancing: 2020 Updating floor plans to allow for social distancing in breakrooms and employee screening when they enter the building. As employees return to work, it will be crucial to consider where people are likely to face potential exposure. Areas such as breakrooms and cafeterias are spaces where employees are typically within close contact of each other and can present possible hazards. Updating your floor plans to provide ample room will help you provide a healthy and safe workplace. Another way to protect workers is providing screenings upon entry. Considering where this will take place is something that must be accounted for. Our team is helping renovate, retrofit and repurpose our clients’ spaces to make screening checkpoints as seamless as possible. Five ways the Industrial workplace has changed in Adjusting to client needs and attending factory acceptance testing for key pieces of equipment virtually Factory Acceptance testing is an element of the assembly process that ensures the equipment is functioning as intended in addition to verifying compliance with design specifications. This customized testing procedure is a requirement for manufacturers and has been traditionally performed in the factory. With in-person site visits less feasible, this step has been conducted online. Using Microsoft teams and Go-Pro Cameras, our team has carefully inspected our client’s products and proceeded with regulatory tests, so they remain on schedule amid the circumstances