Ingenuity Magazine Fall 2020

4 Pond | KEEPING THE MILITARYMOVING PREPARING FOR A MISSION CHANGE A s the Coronavirus continues to upend most aspects of our daily lives, organizations are constantly searching for how to navigate these disruptions. For most, daily operations were limited to remote work and online conferencing, but the task of powering our nation’s vital infrastructure is an essential service that could not be suspended or video conferenced. In early May, amid the pandemic, Pond’s energy group had the opportunity to serve the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) as they resumed operations. Our team traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to help with commissioning a new Type III Hydrant Fueling System at the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Base. This base is home to the 911th Airlift Wing, which provides tactical airlift support for equipment, aeromedical evacuation, and agile combat support. Pond did not take the responsibility of serving the US Army Corps of Engineers through the pandemic lightly. Our fueling team has performed countless commissions in our decades of service, but none quite like this one. Donning face coverings and extensive safety equipment, the team resembled a guerrilla militia as they gathered to tackle the task. Despite travel restrictions, evolving protocol, and social distancing guidelines, we strengthened our customer-centered approach and demonstrated why Pond is truly a trusted partner to our clients. Keeping the Military Moving Pond’s lasting relationship with the USACE has enabled us to help serve our nation by providing clean, dry fuel to power the military. The Air Force Reserve’s mission change from a C-130 airframe to the more versatile C-17 cargo aircraft required expansions and upgrades to the existing apron, maintenance facilities, and fueling systems to adhere to the new standards. This transition will dramatically enhance the Reserve’s capacity to deliver troops and essential equipment. To make the necessary changes, the project demanded the installation of a new pumphouse, the integration of the updates within the existing system, an overhaul of the current controls system, and an assessment of the 5MBBL tank. Delaying this commissioning until COVID conditions lifted was not an option due to the immediacy of the mission. Along with the USACE Omaha District, the USACE Louisville District, and the construction contractor (Nova Construction), Pond navigated strict safety protocols to travel to Pittsburgh to complete this objective. With our presence on-site to demonstrate the full functionality of the system and the associated infrastructure, the project would remain on schedule. Adjusting Conditions During the week of commissioning, fueling system tests were performed concurrently to the new system and the existing system to ensure optimal performance. Testing these complex systems is critical to overall endurance, longevity, and reliability. Limited space inside the control rooms of each pumphouse made performing the