Ingenuity Magazine Fall 2020

Pond Ingenuity Fall 2020 19 For more than 70 years, the 169th Fighter Wing located at McEntire Joint National Guard base has supported the federal mission to maintain well-equipped units and ensure prompt mobilization in the event of war or national emergency. After decades of operation and expansion, the degradation of the headquarters had made the need for a redesign apparent. Challenges of the current space included a restrictive design, outdated materials and ineffective space utilization. The base was also in need of additional office and training spaces to accommodate staff. Pond’s demonstrated record of success in partnering with defense and federal agencies made the firm a natural choice to construct the New Operations and Training facility. The architects, engineers and constructors were tasked with the responsibility of consolidating multiple departments into a cohesive, state- of-the-art headquarters building that was reflective of the National Guard’s image. This new building had to be aesthetically-pleasing without being ostentatious or costly. With consideration to the National Guard’s vision, Pond created an exemplary, utilitarian facility that provides the maximum spatial flexibility and functionality to sustain the base’s operations. The National Guard was conscious of how the building should reflect their reputation of protection and service. The understated design had to emphasize functionality and diminish any sense of ostentation. However, to ensure the facility was also aesthetically pleasing to the many visitors who accessed the space, the team had to think creatively. One of the measures the team took to enhance appearance was utilizing materials that were already available. From these materials, the team implemented brick masonry veneers, standing seam metal roofing and bronze-tinted glazing. The team also emphasized important spaces by using different finishes. This project also demonstrates how to factor values and community pride into development. The team at Pond took the time to understand the role this facility would play in the careers of current and existing members of the National Guard. The client wanted a distinguished space that embodied the honor of the position as members were sworn in. Designed with that intent, the team created a sleek, resplendent conference room that showcased the signature Swamp Fox. This ornamental space provides many opportunities for the National Guard, as it accommodates a variety of gatherings. The space intentionally reinforces the client’s ties to the community and commitment to the nation. Designing an adequately sized, comprehensive headquarters for a National Guard base that houses some of the most advanced equipment in the Airforce inventory is no small endeavor. The Pond team was tasked with constructing a 21,000 SF facility that consolidated multiple departments, included audio-visual space, and supported training operations. Propelled by a client-centered focus, Pond delivered a fully-configured facility that creatively blends the National Guard’s brand with functionality. Well-versed in the specifications associated with government projects, the team carefully followed guidelines and designed features that aligned with the client’s standards. The project also prioritized sustainability to ensure responsible building. In addition to supporting the National Guard’s operational functions, the headquarters will provide opportunities to celebrate the honor of each member’s service. As new guards are sworn in, the design pays homage to their strength, service and commitment to the nation.