Pond Ingenuity Fall 2018

6 Pond | Pondco.com D esign/ construction sequencing is, by and large, portrayed in a Gantt chart. If you don’t know what a Gantt chart is, you’re not alone. While they serve as a very useful tool to outline the design and construction schedule of a project, they are not exactly user-friendly. To a trained designer or contractor this information is easily digested and understood, but not every project stakeholder is equipped to understand a Gantt chart. A layperson could easily miss opportunities to ask questions and get some clarity on parts of the project that effect them. The chart’s less than intuitive structure means the relationships between all project tasks are not always evident. With the implementation of BIM in the design and construction industry, we now have a much more visual tool that allows project stakeholders the ability to see project sequencing in a new, clearer light. 4D Construction Sequencing allow us to accurately and accessibly portray how projects will be completed. 4D services provide the tools that allow project teams members to document the schedule of construction into a digital environment. Navisworks Manage software allows users to track construction sequencing of the project. For instance, the installation of a large mechanical units can be challenging, especially since the equipment is larger than most circulation paths to their planned location. Construction scheduling can be used to determine what portions of the surrounding areas need to be constructed after installation of this large equipment. Therefore, eliminating the potential for damage or deconstruction of other components of the project. 4D models, which combine a 3D model with time, allow project teams to evaluate various time-dependent project concerns, such as project phasing, tenant move schedules, or continuity of agency operations, in an efficient and quick way. In addition, 4D models, which visually represent these time- related concerns, are highly effective communication tools and can be used to communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders alike. Key Benefits of 4D Construction Sequencing „ „ Planning „ „ Conflict detection „ „ Improved coordination „ „ Improved delivery time and cost savings „ „ Improved quality and safety By adding schedule dates to model components, a project team can improve the overall schedule and GSFIC DOT Hero Facility, Marietta, GA 4D Construction Sequencing Services Gantt chart example