10 Pond | S ituated on approximately 35 acres in Alpharetta, Georgia, the Customer Service Center at Maxwell Road, formerly known as the Water Resources Operation Center, has evolved with Fulton County’s needs since its completion in 2016. Originally, the project consisted of a new 45,000 square foot office facility designed t o a c commoda t e f ou r coun t y departments, including Public Works, Transportation, Parks & Recreation and Finance. In addition to an office function, t he bu i l d i ng was des i gned t o accommodate public affairs, occasional meetings of the County Board of Commissioners, and an area for a certified water testing laboratory. Also included is approximately 50,000 square foot of warehouse space, an 8,500 square foot vehicle maintenance shop, 4,000 square foot of greenhouse and plant staging space, and an oversize vehicle car wash. Pond provided full-service architectural and engineering services. The civil engineering services included site planning, site layout, grading and drainage design, stormwater detention design, erosion and sediment control design and design of utility services. Extensive site planning was required to maximize efficiency, incorporate dissimilar functions such as business and light industrial, as well as preserve a protected stream which flowed through the site. The architectural and remaining engineering services were provided to develop the full design and provide construction administration of a two-story office building approximately 60,000 square foot, an approximate 40,000 square foot warehouse for storing the water resources equipment, piping and other items as well as a four-bay vehicle maintenance facility with vehicle lifts and a pit in one bay. The maintenance facility also provides covered exterior space for a vehicle wash station. The building was designed to be harmonious with the surrounding residential area while maintaining the general look and materials of other Fulton County facilities to assist Fulton’s customers to quickly identify the facility with Fulton County services. The complex program provided plenty of challenges that were resolved through careful planning. Since completion, the Customer Services building has been, and is still in the Now That’s What I Call CULTIVATING CUSTOMER ONE-STOP