Highlighter Summer 2015

Summer 2015 | 13 What is the Meaning of Runway 11/29? How is a Runway Numbered? Runways are named by a two digit number between 01 and 36. These numbers represent a runway’s heading. As everyone knows, on a compass East is 90°, South is 180°, West is 270° and North is 360°. The two digit number is essentially 1/10th of the magnetic heading of the runway +/- 5° (i.e. one digit per ten degrees). For example, the Wrens Memorial Airport runway is pointing generally in an east-to-west align- ment with a heading from 107° to 287°. Therefore, the runway will be given the number 11 (1/10th of 107° +/-5°) and 29 (1/10th of 287° +/-5°). Since a runway is aligned in a heading on a compass, the second number will always be a difference of 18 (180° or half way across the compass). So, the next time you are on an airplane taxiing to the runway and you hear someone a few rows back ask – does anyone know what that sign 11-29 mean? Turn around, smile and bet them a moon pie you do, then ask to get off the aircraft quickly because Runway 11/29 at the Wrens Memorial Airport may not be quite long enough! Jack Mayfield, PE Director of Aviation Services As a result, we are currently working with the City of Wrens and GDOT to secure funding for the design and ultimate construction of these airfield improvements. Our Task Order will ultimately include performing the following services: • Environmental evaluation for the three construction projects to ensure there are no significant impacts to the environment • Development of a DBE Plan Update • Obtain geotechnical and survey data associated with the design of the three construction projects • Develop construction documents associated with the security/perimeter fence and fuel farm projects If these projects are constructed, they will make the Wrens Memorial Airport a more attractive site for business and recreational flyers, which in turn, will benefit the overall Wrens community and surrounding areas . n Jack Mayfield, PE Director of Aviation Services