Highlighter Fall 2015

4 | Pond T he development of Site specific Health and Safety Plans (HASP) and Accident Prevention Plans (APP) are client requirements and considered industry best practices for employee training and protection from recognized hazards. The APP is a standard project requirement and client deliverable for nearly all federally contracted field projects. The USACE Engineering Manual EM 385-1-1 prescribes the APP content. The USACE APP template has been developed specifically for Pond field projects and activities, and for ease of use. The DLA Fuels Repair and maintenance contract that is managed through the USACE Huntsville District is unique that it does not require a site specific APP client deliverable for each project. The reasons being is that these are fast paced projects that often are completed within 24 hours of the client request for services. To adequately protect and train workers to safely address the fast paced project activities, as well as the associated hazards, Pond developed a Site Specific Accident Prevention Plan Template, and mandated its implementation for each field project. This SSAPP was designed to meet and exceed the DLA contract field project safety requirements, the USACE Huntsville documentation requirements, while providing our team with a user friendly administrative tool used to prevent injury and accidents. The SSAPP has currently been well received by our Pond Fuels team (to include subcontractors) as well as the DLA and USACE clients. „ Jim Davis Corporate Health & Safety Director Developing a Site Specific Accident Prevention Plan for the DLA Fuels Repair and Maintenance contract US Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville District Defense Logistics Agency Health & Safety PLANNING