CORNER and corporate administration. The firm’s entire business was providing structural engineering to architects for commercial, retail and institutional projects. Jim was very entrepreneurial. He had the vision to become a full service engineering firm, with continual growth. He hired me to start our civil engineering practice, and was my mentor when I joined the firm, helping me learn the business aspects of running a design firm. John Fumbanks later joined our firm to work with Pat and head up our structural engineering department. In his role as Director of Engineering, John was instrumental in many of our landmark projects over the years, but more importantly was my business partner when we together purchased Armour Cape & Pond after Pat retired. At the time, our backlog was severely down and several major clients could not pay their bills. In fact, we had to sue our three largest clients to survive. I am not sure I would have had the courage to buy the firm without John by my side. Tony Parker joined us right before John and I purchased the firm; he made an immediate impact. Starting as the head of our Civil Department, Tony has contributed in numerous ways to help grow the firm successfully. He was the obvious choice to be named President in 2011. Tony has been a great business partner as well as a huge part of where we are today. It’s truly a rewarding experience to see our firm grow from a small structural engineering firm working for architects, to a full service architectural, engineering and construction firm of nearly 300 people, with offices in 13 locations, and projects throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. While we enjoy these good times, it’s important to remember when times were not always so bright. Right after I joined the firm, we experienced in the mid-70s recession and dropped to 8 people. Along the way, there have been a number of challenges, all requiring difficult decisions, but we have been fortunate to have a number of dedicated individuals that made coming to work fun and exciting. Looking forward, our future is bright. It is rewarding to sit in our management meetings and observe the continued commitment of our leadership team. Our vision for 520 people by 2020 is an ambitious goal, but our leadership is in place to achieve this vision— and we will! n 1965 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2015 1965 Armour & Associates founded by Pat Armour – Structural Engineering 1975 Added Civil Engineering Services (Al Pond) 1980 Added M/E/P services 1985 Name changed to Armour, Cape & Pond 1992 Added Architecture services 2006 Acquired Junck & Walker Associates (Jacksonville, FL) 2010 Acquired ECOS Environmental, (Atlanta, GA) 2013 2014 Acquired Corrosion Integrity Solutions (Grayson, GA) 2015 Opened office in Denver, CO 2011 • Acquired CEGG Associates (Norfolk, Virginia) • Opened office in St. Louis • Tony Parker named President, Al Pond named CEO 2012 Opened offices in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Huntsville, AL; New Orleans, LA 1995 Acquired Nash Love & Associates (Washington, DC) 1998 Name changed to Pond & Company 1999 Added Construction services 1988 Al Pond named President 1970 Name changed to Armour & Cape …To Pond & Company From Armour & Associates… Opened office in Charleston, SC 3 297 Employees