Highlighter Fall 2015

8 | Pond & Company New England! Pond Blitzes (No, not the Patriots, the region!) O ver the past 20 years, Pond has worked across the country providing support to our National Guard clients, with the vast majority of that work being centered around our presence in the Southeast US. Over the past few years, we’ve built upon that solid geographic footing and are now performing more and more work in “geographically dispersed” areas of the country, with ongoing projects ranging from Anchorage, AK to Jacksonville, FL and from Southern Arizona to Portsmouth, NH. This past summer saw an influx of new client/ project locations for work with the National Guard in the New England region, and with that work comes some exciting opportunities for Pond project team members to enjoy some of the iconic regional places, foods, and cultural activities of the northeast. Some highlights of the projects we’re working in the region include: Burlington, VT 3 projects valued at $33.9M supporting their upcoming F-35 Lightning II aircraft conversion Pease ANGB, NH 6 projects valued at $29.8M supporting their conversion to the KC-46A Pegasus air refueling aircraft Quonset ANGB, RI 7 projects valued at $31.2M supporting their C-130J aircraft operations Barnes ANGB, MA 3 projects valued at $13.0M supporting their F-15 Eagle fighter operations and air sovereignty alert mission Hancock Field, NY 1 project valued at $700k supporting their MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle attach mission Stewart, NY; Bradley, CT; and Otis ANGB, MA 3 projects valued at $550k supporting their Installation Development Plans for C-17, C-130, and Air Operations Center missions So if you happen to find yourself assigned to one of these project teams, try to take some time to enjoy the unique “local” opportunities as you support the National Guard in Advancing their Mission! n Mark S. Susa, AIA, LEED AP, Colonel USAF (Retired) 1 5 4 2 6 3 7 8 ANGB, MA Installation Development Plan, Otis Barnes ANGB, MA Repair & Add Maintenance Hangar; Repair Fire Suppression ACA Facilities Bradley, CT Install Development Plan Rhode Island Repair Operations & Training; Add/Alter Fire Station; Repair Base Supply Complex 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Burlington, VT Repair Aircraft Parking Apron; Widen Taxiway F & North Arm/Pad; Widen Taxiway D & South Arm/Pad Syracuse, NY Install GDT Antennae Stewart, NY Install Development Plan Pease ANGB, NH KC-46A ADAL Airfield Pavement & Hydrant System; Repair Aircraft Parking Apron, Phase III, IV and IV; Repair Taxiway Alpha & Delta