ZSU CERAP Administrative Building Refurbishment - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pond is providing an Architectural/Engineering Studies and Preliminary Designs for the refurbishment of the San Juan, Puerto Rico, ZSU CERAP Administration Building, reconfiguration of the Technical Support Building Space and an option to replace the Administration Building. Pond’s scope of services includes conceptual design services and development of an opinion of probable cost for the options in each Task.

Task 1: Seismic Mitigation Study of Administration Building: In addition to the conceptual designs, this scope includes an evaluation of the historic buildings ability to withstand seismic loading including a proposed solution that is both cost effective and has minimal impact on the historical architectural features of the building.

The seismic work will be in accordance with ASCE 41-13 Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings and the latest International Building Code (IBC)

Tasks 2 & 3: Architectural Refurbishment Concepts of Administration Building (ADM) and Technical Support Building (TSB): Pond is developing 2-3 alternate concepts of interior and exterior refurbishment options as well as the establishment of ROM costs of each. The architectural objective for the refurbishment of the ADM is to accommodate feasible objectives outlined by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

Task 4: New Administration Building Concepts to Replace Existing ADM and TSB:

Pond is providing an architectural concept for a new building with approximately 8,200 net square feet of administrative space. Circulation, restrooms, mechanical and electrical space. This option will provide for a design that results in a cohesive campus aesthetics since it will be adjacent to other facility on the property.

For all tasks we shall locate restrooms, mechanical and electrical rooms and other core essentials, develop preliminary mechanical equipment sizes, HVAC loads, provide preliminary electrical loads, be planned to comply with Fire and Life Safety requirements and to meet current ADA/ABA requirements.

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