Woodstock Greenprints Parks and Trails Master Plan - Woodstock, GA

An initiative of the Woodstock City Council and the Planning and Economic Development Department, The Greenprints Project is a comprehensive park, trail, and open space plan that establishes a foundation and framework for the creation of a citywide green infrastructure system. Pond led a team of consultants through a ten month process that unites land use planning with land conservation practices to outline necessary strategies for ensuring the preservation, improvement, implementation, and maintenance of Woodstock’s unique natural, cultural and recreational resources in the future.

With population expected to triple by 2030, the City of Woodstock Greenprints Project identifies a green infrastructure network that will link community assets, expand open space and recreational opportunities while conserving sensitive landscapes. The Pond team engaged a steering committee in establishing a collective vision and guiding principles for creating future greenspaces and greenway connections.

Through extensive analysis that was both community and resource based, the planners and stakeholders were able to identify key parcels that were critical for achieving the City’s goals. Using geographic analysis software (GIS Spatial Analyst), each goal was assigned prioritized criteria based on the project goals. This demonstrated the importance of conserving significant lands within the City- ones that would provide passive and active recreational opportunities, preserve habitats, and provide trail connections. A variety of greenspace types allows the City to plan for future growth as well as identify those areas best suited for conservation. The master plan includes recommendations for model design standards for trail construction and physical improvements to a variety of greenspaces, outlines phased implementation strategies and identifies costs, responsible parties and funding sources to facilitate the plan’s realization.

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