West Broad Street Realignment - Sugar Hill, GA

The City of Sugar Hill answered the citizens’ call for a downtown strip and this project included infrastructure and aesthetic improvements to West Broad Street and Alton Tucker Boulevard. The City provided regional stormwater detention ponds to spur development as well as changing development criteria to allow mixed use multi-level buildings to be constructed immediately adjacent to the new wide sidewalks. A traffic-calming roundabout with extensive landscaping was planned. On street parking was provided where available and overhead utilities were buried and others were upgraded. Decorative brickwork, street trees, benches, and lighting were also included in the project. The project included the design for realignment of approximately 4,000 linear feet of road including intersection improvements of the realigned West Broad Street and a proposed roundabout adjacent to the new city hall and town green center.

The new town green was designed to serve as the regional detention and will include a retention pond/water feature surrounded by walking trails and an outdoor amphitheater.

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