Weapons System Support & Training Facility - Detroit Arsenal, MI

Pond provided A/E and construction support services for a New Weapons Systems Support and Training Facility (WSSTF) under a JV contract for the USACE, Louisville District. This weapons maintenance facility is designed to relate to the existing adjacent industrial buildings and, at the same time, enhance a highly visible location within the installation. The 31,400 sf single story masonry facility houses laboratory spaces, storage and maintenance bays, and heavy vehicle maintenance bays of varying heights.

This facility houses Chemical/ Biological Defense Product Support & Integration (PS&I); Heavy Combat Defense Product Support & Integration; Target Systems/ Tools & Training Systems; Diving Equipment/ Tools & Training Systems.

The Chemical / Biological area contains: Radioactive Area; Change Room and Low Level Rad (LLR) Storage Room. The Heavy Combat Defense area contains: a high-bay area with a 30 ton and a 5 ton traveling bridge cranes; DSESTS Room; Radioactive Room; and a Tool Room. The floor of the high-bay will support the weight of an Abrams Tank. The Target Systems area supports a sustainment mission of the Remote-Electronic Targetry System and INGATS systems. The Diving Equipment area stores a number of large Diving Sets used to maintain readiness of diving units.

Approximately 11,800 sf of additional hardstand will be constructed as part of the WSSTF, which will be used to provide maneuverability for vehicles entering and exiting the high-bay areas and to provide access to the adjacent hardstand.

The facility and site are designed to meet Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection standards. The project is LEED Silver Certified.

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