Von Braun IV-Massing | Elevation Study and Design/Build RFP Development - Redstone Arsenal, AL

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is consolidating its activities in Huntsville, Alabama to the Von Braun Complex on Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. MDA currently has over 1,000 personnel in non-government leased facilities in Huntsville that do not meet current Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) standards. A minimum of 850 of these personnel needed to be relocated to the Von Braun Complex. Co-locating MDA personnel at the Von Braun Complex reduces operating expenses, provides more secure facilities, and will be more conducive to MDA’s daily operations. The maximum allowable square footage for the Von Braun Phase IV facility is 225,000 sf and the construction funds available are $58,800,000. Pond conducted a charrette to develop conceptual elevations, floor plan test-fits, and building massing schemes for the new facility, then worked with the USACE, Mobile District to determine and develop the technical requirements of the Design/Build RFP.

An important objective of the elevation/massing development was to produce a concept for VB-IV that does not compete with, or detract from, the adjacent VB-I and VB-III buildings.

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