Vine City Park - Atlanta, GA

Pond collaborated with Park Pride and the Vine City Civic Association to transform existing green space into a community park for Vine City, one of Atlanta’s oldest in-town neighborhoods.

The Governor’s Green Space Program, which provided funding for the park, requires a site to be comprised of less than fifteen percent impervious surfaces. Porous pavers highlight the pavilion and garden rooms with colors and patterns that provide contrast and visual interest to the concrete sidewalks. To limit excessive flooding of this low-lying area, the park incorporates an infiltration system and two underground stormwater storage structures. Located on a naturally steep site, the park integrates terraces to maximize usable space. These terraces are accentuated by both concrete and granite faced walls, with mural panels for public art installations incorporated into them.

The park houses an open lawn for sports and special events, as well as an outdoor classroom and community performance space. Vine City Park will play a significant role in this historic neighborhood’s redevelopment efforts. Future plans for the park include an exercise trail, additional event space, and a pavilion overlooking the lawn. The park will eventually encompass an entire city block, more than two acres in size.

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