University Crossing Skilled Nursing Facility - Jacksonville, FL

Brooks Rehabilitations’ University Crossing is a 82,000 sf Skilled Nursing Facility which fully emerges itself in the ideologies of the culture change environment and patient centered care. Pond served as the co-designer and design project manager for this a modern and active healthcare setting and helped develop the innovative design approach that reflects the leading edge in the quickly changing dynamics of the healing environment.
The success of this project relied heavily on the interaction and collaborative efforts of all stake holders, design team members and the Construction Manager. Initial studies centered on maximizing the efficiencies of both the operational and physical aspects of the building. Following extensive assessments, studies, and planning exercises a three story concept was selected over a single story or other multiple story options. This proportionate configuration best accommodated the sites restricted water basin constraints, building siting preferences, environment and parking requirements as well as minimizing the internal travel distances for care provides; thereby speeding service delivery and assisting in right-sizing staffing requirements.
The purposeful Iconographic nature of the design is unique to this building typology and serves as one of the predominate features of the Brooks Rehabilitation University Campus. However, the strict requirements of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), The Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) and the Florida Building Code all had to be considered. Creating design excellence within these determinates required a balanced approach to cost management and involved the nurturing passion, enthusiasm, collaboration, and energy of the entire University Crossing Family consisting of the facility proponents, construction team and design team.


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