Texas Army National Guard, Real Property Master Planning and Associated NEPA Analysis - Various Locations, TX

Pond’s Military Planning/ Geospatial and Environmental Services teams are completing Real Property Master Plans and NEPA analyses efforts at four of the Texas Army National Guard installations- Camp Swift, Camp Bowie, Fort Wolters, and Camp Maxey. The Area Development Plans and Area Development Execution Plans conduct an existing conditions analysis for the installation and development planning districts for the future efforts. After establishing the districts, the master plans established long-term strategies to guide real property development of the cantonment areas based on a 20+ year outlook. Based on stakeholder input, each installation receives a Preferred Alternative site sketch that includes a project list of actionable and auditable projects that focus on renovations and new construction of infrastructure and assets to accomplish an end state goal based on a list of findings and program needs. These plans also incorporate a Capital Investment Strategy that includes costs based on the fiscal year programmed and the amount of square footage anticipated to be constructed. Each master plan also receives an Installation Planning Standards to ensure that any new construction or renovation is aesthetically similar and incorporates architecture that fits within the landscape. These master plans are developed to ensure the mission of the Texas Army National Guard is executed in the most efficient, sustainable, and secure method possible. Pond’s environmental team is providing NEPA analysis of environmental and cultural resources present at each of the installations and evaluating the potential impact of implementing the RPMPs for the cantonment areas. The NEPA effort includes federal, tribal, state, and local agency coordination (IICEP & NAC), the preparation of a Description of Proposed Action and Alternatives (DOPAA), a draft Environmental Assessment (dEA), a Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI), a Notice of Availability (NOA), and a Final Environmental Assessment (fEA).

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