Taxiway Victor 8R End Around - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, GA

As part of a joint venture, Pond was selected to provide on-call architectural and engineering services for ongoing civil and utility projects for airside improvements to support the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s $5.4 billion Capital Improvement Program.

As part of this contract, Pond provided full A/E and construction administration services for the new Taxiway V, 8R End Around. This project included a new taxiway around the runway safety area and below the departure surfaces allowing taxiing aircraft to cross Runway 8R as planes are taking off. The project included a taxiway, a safety landing area, relocated NLVR access roads, a major stormwater pump station and drainage, airfield lighting, utilities, a retaining wall, access control points and adjacent 8L Safety Area, as well as modifications to the adjacent airport terminal exit road and parking lot. In addition to the budgetary factors and significant cost savings to the airlines, the improvement in safety and mobility is even more significant. These improvements eliminate 700 runway crossings per day, thereby increasing the capacity of Runway 8R 26L by 21%. Additionally, project design was completed under the operational demands of the world’s busiest airport. Without impeding passenger flow, the landside improvements included relocations of the terminal roadway, main power feeds to the terminal area, the secured non-licensed vehicle road, two operational gates, the Delta Airlines fiber optic communication backbone, and the water main to the terminal ramps. Airside taxiway tie-ins and the excavation of 800,000 CY of fill with the runway 8R / 26L safety area had to be completed within a two-month time frame when the runway was closed for reconstruction.

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