Taxiway Relocation - Harris County Airport, GA

The Pond Team was selected as the consultant for Harris County Airport just after bids were received by the County for the construction of the Taxiway Relocation, designed by another firm. The 5,000-foot full-parallel taxiway was too close to the runway and did not meet current FAA airport design standards. The Pond Team provided quick engagement on the program, evaluating bids and reviewing the project with the County, GDOT, and the selected contractor. We executed a program management plan for initiating the project in a timely manner, including a robust value engineering analysis and negotiation with contractor which reduced the cost of the project with minimal impact to scope, extensive coordination with GDOT and the County, and a comprehensive construction administration effort to include frequent site visits by Jack Mayfield, lead civil engineer, as well as full-time resident project representative, Aulick Engineering.

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