Southface Energy Institute Eco-Office - Atlanta, GA

The Southface Eco-Office, a functional office, resource center, and educational facility, presents the latest green construction techniques in a commercial office building setting. Pond  worked closely with the client, architect and civil engineer to develop elements of the site and landscape that emphasize the synergy of distinct practices working together. As a result the site is highly efficient in capturing stormwater for use in grey water systems within the building as well as providing water for irrigation in times of drought. The site drains to a low point in the southeast corner of the property, beneath which is a 14,500 gallon cistern to collect runoff for use on-site and within the building. Precipitation that falls upon the solar array/shade canopy above the observation deck, is collected in a 1750 gallon rooftop cistern for grey water uses within the building. The extensive greenroof that covers the building greatly reduces storm-water runoff and helps regulate interior temperatures. All paved surfaces on the site are constructed of porous concrete to reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff. The landscape, designed with native and adapted species will provide a lower maintenance, water efficient plant palette, and show the aesthetic potential of a native Georgia piedmont landscape.

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