Army Military Working Dog Facility - Fort Campbell, KY

Pond provided full design services for a fully-functional Special Operations Forces (SOF) Military Working Dog (MWD) facility which includes:

  • Administration Area

  • Handlers’ Workstations

  • Veterinary Treatment/Fully Furnished Surgery Area

  • Tack Room

  • Food Storage & Preparation Room

  • Multi-Purpose Break/Training Room

  • Latrine/Showers/Lockers

  • Indoor/Outdoor Kennels with Kennel Runs (14 individual kennels)

  • Storage Areas

  • Mechanical/Electrical

  • Communications Room

  • Clerestory Lighting for Kennel Area

The kennel incorporated sustainable design and was designed to a Silver LEED® design standard and incorporated Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) standards in the  design.

Supporting facilities include air conditioning; fencing; sprinkler system; fire and security alarms. Administrative space includes proper areas for storage of equipment; medical examination areas; office/training space for handlers; and office space for the Kennel Master and Training Officers. In addition to building requirements, the site accommodates vehicle circulation, service areas, and AT/FP separation from roads and parking areas to building.


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