Runway 09/27 Extension - Harris County Airport, GA

The Pond Team completed preliminary engineering for a 1,000- foot runway and parallel taxiway extension for the Airport’s single runway from 5,000 feet to 6,000 feet to better serve longer haul routes of jet aircraft from the region. The Airport already boasts an attractive business climate with low property taxes for based aircraft, corporate hangar availability, and utilities and infrastructure, and the runway extension is the next step in fulfilling the County’s economic development strategy. Several conceptual iterations of preliminary engineering were completed in order to assess the feasibility of avoiding wetlands on the site with grading techniques, considerations for obstruction removal from the ultimate Runway 9 approach surface, and options for the local road traversing through the future runway protection zone. The final preliminary design provided best economics through adjustment of the profile grades within the constraints of criteria to net essentially a zero earthwork balance. Next steps include a justification study to document the aircraft requiring the additional runway length and an environmental assessment.

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