Repair Maintenance Hangar Building 3119 - DC Air National Guard | Andrews Air Force Base, MD

This project consists of a new hangar facility including five buildings, canopies, parking lots, utilities, stormwater management structures, and similar appurtenances with a total area of disturbance of approximately 91 acres. Pond, and our Joint-Venture partner, completed all aspects of the design and permitting. The project impacted more than 700 linear feet of stream and more than 5 acres of wetland. Pond ecologist conducted waters and wetland delineations, forest stand assessments, sound studies, and protected species evaluations, as well as prepared applications for the Maryland Stormwater Permit, Maryland Wetlands and Waterways Individual Permit, and the USACE Individual Permit. Pond also worked with the client to evaluate mitigation options and assisted in coordinating the off-site stream and wetland mitigation.

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