Reconstruct/Widen Runway 13/31 - Butts Army Airfield, Fort Carson, CO

Pond provided design services to reconstruct existing 75’ by 4,560’ Runway 13/31 to allow for Air Force C-130s to train at the airfield.

Design included:

  • Permanently displacing threshold
  • Widening two taxiways
  • Replacing a transient parking apron
  • Replacing a run-up ramp
  • Constructing an airfield access road
  • Utilizing milled asphalt to upgrade perimeter road

In addition to replacing the pavement, the design also included the replacement of the runway lighting system and portions of the taxiway edge lighting.

The electrical portion of the design included:

  • The replacement of existing lighting systems with new medium intensity runway lighting (MIRL) for edge end and threshold
  • Medium intensity taxiway lighting (MITL) for portions of the taxiway edges
  • Mandatory hold signs, handholes and concrete encased ductbanks crossing the runway
  • A new regulator in the airfield lighting vault to serve the increased runway lighting load

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