Peachtree Ridge and Bethesda Park Synthetic Turf Conversion - Suwanee, GA

Bethesda Park: The existing football field at Bethesda Park was not fully meeting the requirements of local sports leagues in terms of needs for types and frequency of use. Gwinnett County commissioned Pond to upgrade the field to synthetic turf in order to accommodate lacrosse and soccer, in addition to football. The landscape architects and engineers at Pond worked diligently within a tight time-frame to ensure that the park was open for the summer 2015 football try-out and practice season. The project size involved significant grading, drainage, fencing, and edging design to meet the requirements of the new synthetic turf field. Pond also worked with Gwinnett County to accommodate their needs for maintenance of the synthetic field and ongoing requirements related to player and visitor use.

Peachtree Ridge Park: Gwinnett County commissioned Pond to retrofit the field to synthetic turf. The installation of a synthetic turf field at this location required extensive re-grading of the site. Gwinnett and Pond chose to use an area at another portion of the park for a borrow pit to significantly reduce costs associated with acquiring fill to increase the elevation of the field. Adjustments to the existing field lighting were required in order to accommodate these changes.

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