Multiple Dam Visual Inspection Reports - GADNR | Rabun County, Winder, Helen, and Blairsville, GA

Pond is working with GADNR, performing visual inspections of High Hazard Dams in four Georgia state parks: Black Rock Mountain (NRCS Multipurpose Dam No. 12), Fort Yargo (NRCS Watershed Dam No. 24), Unicoi, and Vogel. For each inspection, Pond is conducting assessments and developing a report which details the observed present conditions of the dam and providing recommendations for rehabilitation or maintenance. The inspections are now 90% complete.

For each inspection, Pond provided:
– 3D scan of the current surface condition of the dam (to be used for future monitoring of any surface changes for the dam)
– Updated hydrologic/hydraulic assessment
– Updated EAP
– Main Conduit Video Inspections

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