Mississippi River Crude Terminal, Pipeline, Rail & Barge - Hartford, IL

Pond is providing design services focused on expanding an existing facility to allow pipeline, rail receipt, and barge loading of crude oils (light, heavy, and bitumen). This expansion involved an additional 500,000 bbls of storage in two EFRs (external floating roof tanks); modifications to the existing 200,000 bbls of storage; roughly five miles of new pipelines; a new railyard; and a new barge loading facility on the Mississippi River.

The barge-loading construction consists of two new floating barge docks with mooring to allow tie-off and loading of up to four 30,000 bbl river barges at loading rates up to 14,000 bph. The work included a vapor combustion unit with a 20-ft above grade platform due to high-flood elevations. Portions of the new barge loading lines cross the existing US Army Corps of Engineers levee and wetlands, as well as a state road, which requires multiple horizontal directional drills. On the dock, standard safety and operational systems are being installed, including dock safety units, stripping and containment, and overpressure protection.

The new facility systems will include a central terminal manifold to allow multiple receipts, transfers, and dock operations simultaneously.  It also includes four, 4160V barge loading pumps on VFDs with pumping capacity of 3,500 bph each. The dock lines are flushable and strippable to ensure a clean product and safe operations. The system also requires a stand-alone flushing pump operating on a 480V backup system to allow personnel to flush the dock lines of product if required in case of emergency or power outage.

The pipeline connections include a 30” pipeline to allow receipt rates up to 25,000 bph and a 20” pipeline to allow receipts up to 12,500 bph. The system is also configured to allow future reversal of the 20” pipeline if future pipeline connections require the Owner to re-originate barrels from the facility. The expansion also includes construction of an 80-railcar rail yard on the existing land to allow receipt of bitumens (heated for unloading) and light crudes, as well as the ability to issue light crudes back to the railcars for delivery to alternate locations. This loading also requires vapor control systems to be put in place.

To support the new facility expansion, a new 34.5kV electrical service is required and has been expedited to ensure timely startup of the facility.  Also required is a new natural gas supply for both the terminal and the dock facility; a new 40,000 MBH hot oil heating system to provide heating for the tankage in bitumen service; as well as heat for steam generation to expedite the unloading of bitumen and other viscous products from railcars.

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