Embankment & Utilities Relocation - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, GA

As part of the AIS Joint Venture to support the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s $5.4B Capital Improvement Program, Pond provided design services to complete this $70M project which included a hydrant fueling system tying into the existing airport system on the aircraft parking apron and entry/exit taxiways, utilities, including taxiway lighting and guidance signage, barrier/warning lights, and de-icing fluid collection and management system to support the new international terminal.

Significant features included:

  • 200,000 SY apron, taxiway paving and underground utilities
  • Phasing to ensure facilities remain operational during construction
  • Design packages for accelerated portions of construction to coordinate with other schedules
  • Coordinating fueling hydrant layout scheme with design of international terminal
  • Design of a fueling hydrant system to accommodate a 12-gate layout, tie into the existing fueling hydrant system, and accommodate future expansion
  • Design of on-apron de-icing area and glycol collection system with monitoring and metered release for Ramp 9
  • Modification of the existing glycol collection systems on Ramps 6 North and South included design of new on-apron glycol collection lift station to force main on Ramp 8
  • Taxiway lighting and guidance signage for Ramps 8 and 9, Taxiway ‘L’s northern edge, and tie-in’s to existing Taxiways ‘D’ and ‘L’ lighting
  • Design of both Ramps 8 and 9 to be partially surrounded by jersey barrier walls and fencing with obstruction lighting at the edge of the taxi lane safety area

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