McKenney’s - Atlanta, GA

When McKenney’s expanded their Atlanta campus by purchasing an adjoining site, they retained Pond to provide landscape, site and stormwater design. The adjoining site, a trucking distribution center, was almost entirely paved or covered by dilapidated buildings. The heavily paved portions of both sites contributed to massive erosion and slope failure along neighboring Entrenchment Creek. Pond developed a plan to increase truck and equipment storage, staff parking and circulation, as well as to provide more greenspace. Approximately 1.7 acres of asphalt was removed, reducing run-off into the creek. Raingardens and bio-retention basins which divide the parking bays helped to slow and filter run-off as well as provide landscaping that beautifies the parking area. Native plants and trees were installed throughout the campus to aid in filtering runoff and provide much needed shade to the parking lot.

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Pond Engineers and Architects to assist with Inspections

Pond Engineers and Architects to assist with Inspections

Keep your Projects Moving Forward We understand the importance of keeping your construction projects moving forward. That’s why Pond stands ready with our experienced and licensed Engineers and Architects to assist with inspections in accordance with Official Code of...

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