Matthew J. Perry, Jr. Federal Courthouse Lobby Security Upgrades - Columbia, SC

Matthew-J-Perry,-Jr.-Federal-CourthouseGSA requested the upgrade of the existing security entry system in the Matthew J. Perry Federal Courthouse lobby to alleviate operational weaknesses in the system.

  • The design objectives were to:
    • maximize the US Marshal Service’s visual control of the main entrance
    • prevent the public from meandering and avoiding security screening
    • provide for secure weapons storage before security screening
    • increase protective measures for staff at the CSO Station
  • Pond’s design achieved all objectives, through use of the centralized CSO Station with bullet-resistant glazing, defined spaces for entry and exit, and a limited accessibility storage area with secure weapons lockers.
  • Pond provided isometric drawings to help the client review the design and test for potential weaknesses.

The circular design reflected the lobby’s domed ceiling, and use of matching finishes and coordinated wood millwork helped the new security station to blend with the existing building aesthetics.

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