Lindsay Street Park - Atlanta, GA

Within the Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods immediately west of downtown Atlanta lie the headwaters of the Proctor Creek watershed. The Conservation Fund assembled half a dozen parcels of land in English Ave to create the neighborhood’s first public park. These parcels are important because they are some of the few pieces of land where tributaries to Proctor Creek are not piped and covered. Pond developed construction documents for the passive park, based upon the Park Pride Vision Plan for Lindsay Street Park. The plan emphasizes stormwater quality and access to nature in the community. Through a series of infiltration basins, the park now captures water from a portion of Oliver Street and cleanses it before it reaches the stream, whereas previously, the entire street drained to one inlet and was piped directly to the stream. The park has an open lawn, a playground, both paved and natural surface trails. In 2017 the American Planning Association recognized the Conservation Fund’s efforts at Lindsay Street Park for Excellence in Sustainability.

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