Laboratory Alterations and Renovations - Eastern Virginia Department of Forensic Science - Norfolk, VA

The State of Virginia Department of Forensic Science Department purchased a (1999) mid-rise office tower from the City of Norfolk, Virginia which houses the current Eastern Department of Forensic Science Laboratory (EDFSL) with intentions of providing future expansions of laboratories and offices to the fifth 5th floor. EDFSL maintained laboratories and offices on the 3rd and 4th floors with the 5th being unoccupied.

The project task was to organize the design and construction work into phases so as not to interfere in the day to day operations of the EDFSL. It was determined to provide three phases. Phase II and III which incorporated part of the 4th and 5th floors which included approximately 12,917 square feet and was completed in February 2011. Phase IV was to finish the final build out of the remaining 5th floor which included approximately 13,180 square feet.

Scope of Work for Phase II & III incorporated the relocation of the Latent Prints Offices and Laboratory, Photo Lab, Dark Room and Storage, AlS Room, and Evidence Storage to the 5th floor. A new Administration area was to be design adjacent to all the laboratories on the 5th floor that included; Director Office, Supervisor Office, Administration offices that include the location of office cubicle’s, large conference room that included the location of visual aids equipment, work room that included postal services, and a large file room that include the design of movable filing cabinets and shelves. Another very important aspect of the work was to design for a secured elevator that went from the 4th floor to the 5th floor that was not to be used by the public.

Scope of Work for Phase IV incorporated the relocation of the Chemistry Laboratory Room, Chemistry Instrument Laboratory Room, and Toxicology Laboratory Room, Toxicology Instrument Laboratory Room, General Chemistry and Toxicology Offices which include hard wall offices and cubicle’s, employees break room, Evidence and Administration Storage Room, and Cylinder type gas storage room with stainless steel small gauge piping extending to all laboratories.

The above work included the design of all Owners laboratory equipment and case work pre-connections (rough-ins) of all the required mechanical ductwork, plumbing and electrical work; as well as the engineering of the buildings new mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. The Owners existing security system was designed to meet the needs of the new security system installed on the 5th floor.

Provided sequence of construction and scheduling of the laboratory design that coincided with the new phases which incorporated the layout of 16 new and existing bio-hoods and fume hood with the overall layout of the new laboratory metal case work.

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