Lavista Road Corridor Intersection Improvements - Dekalb County, GA

The project  was  the  improvement  of  Lavista  Road  at  the intersections of Oak Grove Road and  Oak Grove Drive. The improvements are located at the intersection of three roadways: Lavista Road, Oak Grove Road, and Oak Grove Drive. The improvements included  realigning  the  two  intersecting side roads to meet at a common intersection, adding appropriate auxiliary lanes at the new intersection approaches, improving existing   safety   conditions   at   the   intersection,   improving traffic  and  pedestrian  control,  and  adding  sidewalk  for  a distance of 0.5-mile along the Lavista Road approach. The realignment of  Oak  Grove  Road  and  Oak  Grove  Drive  will eliminate  the  approximate  100  foot  separation  between  the intersection points and provide a minimum intersection angle of 70 degrees for both approaches. Due to existing land use constraints, the majority of the side road realignment will be on the Oak Grove Road approach. The project is a federally funded GDOT project that also includes a raised landscaped median, pedestrian lighting, and shoulder landscaping, as well as other aesthetic improvements, to keep consistent with future corridor  improvements  along  Lavista Road.

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