Klaus Advanced Computing Building - Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA

The Klaus Advanced Computing Building is located within the heart of Atlanta’s Georgia Tech campus. By combining state-of-the-art techniques with innovative design, this project has become a model for the University’s future growth. By integrating the building into the site, Pond creatively preserved 54% of the site as green space and incorporated a sustainable water harvesting system.

The system channels the site’s stormwater runoff, as well as the building’s HV/AC condensate through a complex filtration system using bio-retention areas, before being stored in two underground cisterns. The captured water is recycled to provide the site’s complete irrigation needs. Maximizing open space allowed the Pond team to expand pedestrian corridors that link the greater campus and maintain the access and delivery system instrumental to the workings of this urban campus. Matching the different micro-climates of the site with plant communities found within Georgia’s piedmont region resulted in a drought-tolerant, native plant palette to mimic the natural environment.

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