Installation Development Plan / Master Plan - Dannelly Field, Montgomery, AL

Under a nationwide IDIQ contract with the National Guard Bureau (NGB), Pond conducted the planning process for the 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard (ANG) in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Installation Development Plan (IDP) (formally titled Master Plan) requires coordination between the Alabama ANG and local government agencies, particularly to address and remedy access and circulation issues in and around the base, which is co-located on a municipal airport.  Pond prepared an integrated, practical and executable plan that achieves the environmental and energy efficiency goals established by the NGB, as well as lays out a funding strategy that maximizes limited capital investment resources.

Drawing on Pond’s multi-disciplinary knowledge of military specifications, the plan blends technical analysis and considerations of feasibility with creative design solutions.  Further, Pond relied extensively on GIS data development to prepare the base for long-range facility maintenance as the IDP evolves into individual design and construction projects.

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