Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection Gates Improvements - MacDill Air Force Base, FL

Pond provided A/E Design services for the improvement to four entry control gates at MacDill AFB, Florida, to enhance the base’s Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) capabilities, improve gate security and safety and meet current UFC criteria and TM5-853-2 and 3. Improvements to traffic flow and congestion were also addressed.

The main entry gate design included a new Security Operations Building and Visitor’s Center, vehicle inspection area featuring a canopied facility with two inspection lanes, and a new parking lot to serve both visitor and government vehicles. The design for this gate also included a new entry canopy and guard stations, speed attenuation devices, and a traffic circle have been incorporated at the main entry.

The commercial vehicle gate (Port Tampa) received a new Security Forces Facility and truck staging area with a vehicle inspection canopy. This state-of-the-art inspection area includes depressed manned pits and undercarriage camera systems to allow thorough inspection of vehicles. New control gates, hydraulic barricades and overwatch structures were also installed.

The remaining gates received upgrades and modifications which included new barricades and new overwatch structures.

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