Hiram H. Ward Federal Building - Winston-Salem, NC

As part of an IDIQ contract, GSA tasked Pond with analyzing water intrusion and developing remediation solutions for this federal complex.

Survey & Analyze Plaza & Parking Deck
The intent was investigation of water intrusion in the plaza and parking deck, determining the cause and extent of damage and recommending corrective measures. Pond and consultant RTD Associates conducted the analyses, provided a preliminary assessment and recommendations. Due to the extent of damage, however, Pond recommended GSA conduct a structural analysis; this additional
investigation and construction were deferred pending funding.

Façade Caulking
The goal of this task order was to halt water intrusion into the building. Analysis determined that primary water intrusion occurred at joints between precast concrete panels, windows, guttering, drains, etc. Pond and RTD designed caulking and other repairs that effectively sealed the building against water penetration. Pond and RTD providing construction management services.

Parking Deck Investigation and Structural Evaluation
Pond engaged parking structure specialist Carl Walker, Inc., to perform structural analysis as recommended in the earlier study. Based on destructive and non-destructive testing, Carl Walker determined that, except for the stair towers, the parking deck is in moderate condition with deterioration typical of its age and construction type. Carl Walker determined, however, that the stair towers were structurally deficient and recommended full replacement. They also confirmed that the plaza system is not functioning properly, allowing water migration which is damaging the stair towers and other structural elements.

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