Fuel System Expansion & Upgrade - Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, MN

Pond provided comprehensive planning, design, construction phase work and full-time resident inspection for multiple projects involving airport-wide expansion and upgrade of the bulk storage facility and hydrant fuel system.

Project included:

  • Fuel System Master Plan
  • Construction Phase Services for the HHH Terminal Hydrant Fuel System: The services involved eight gate hydrant systems with expansion capabilities for up to 16 gates, addition of two 10,000 BBL storage tanks with floating suction, three 1,000 GPM hydrant pumps/filter stations, and control system upgrades.
  • Design & Construction Phase Services at the Runway 30R North East Area: The services included a ground service equipment station, a 10,000 gallon oil water separator, and 30 gate hydrant fuel systems as well as connecting 20” main transmission line.
  • Fuel System Extension: This project required night-time construction and daily site restoration while all gates remained fully operational with no service disruptions. This involved 2,000 feet of 20” main transmission line, various automatic control valve isolation pits (construction-in-place and three pre-fabricated), and two 12,000 gallon underground storage tanks.
  • Commissioning the North Side Fuel System 63 Gates
  • 17/35 Runway Fuel Facility: This facility included 25,000 feet of fuel transfer pipeline (9,000 GPM) and communication lines to hydrant system and transfer lines connecting the main bulk fuel storage facility, HHH tank farm, ground service equipment system and Jet A system.
  • Runway 30L, South East: Upgrades to runway 30L included area ground service equipment, refueler loading, meter proving, a Jet A aboveground 8,000 gallon storage tank and an oil water separator of 10,000 gallons.
  • Green Concourse Fuel System: Upgrade to the fuel system involved the addition of four hydrant pits and laterals to service three gates.
  • Apron Reconstruction: The expansion included the addition of various hydrant pits, modification of 12 isolation valves and other service pits.

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