FedEx Fuel Farm & Glycol Dispensing - Piedmont Triad International Airport, Greensboro, NC

Pond provided design-build services at PTI which included the following projects:

Fuel Farm

The facility includes two 5,000 BBL (200,000 gallon) aboveground vertical Jet A storage tanks, concrete ringwall foundations with liner and cathodic protection, concrete dike walls and concrete floor for containment and a pump/filter pad. Also included are two 600 GPM truck loading positions and two 450 GPM truck off-loading positions on a concrete island with containment and a canopy, inbound filtration, and associated electrical and controls. The facility also includes a building up-fit for a new fuel administration office facility, an oil water separator for containment drainage, and a new onsite aqueous film forming foam fire protection system to protect the Jet A Storage tanks and Jet A loading/off-loading canopy area.

Fuel Hydrant Piping

The fuel hydrant piping includes approximately 4,700 feet of 12” underground fuel hydrant piping and all associated isolation valves, as well as high point and low point pits installed in the concrete apron area.

Glycol Storage and Dispensing System

This includes aboveground storage tanks and glycol dispensing systems complete with pumps, piping, valves, hoses, loading/offloading positions, canopy and containment. The storage includes two 15,000 gallon Type I Glycol storage tanks (Carbon Steel), one 8,000 gallon Type IV Glycol storage tank and one 30,000 gallon Type E36 Deicing Fluid storage tank (stainless steel). A Glycol Equipment Building was provided for the pumps and blending systems.

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