Construct Renewable Energy Systems - St Croix, US Virgin Islands

This project consists of providing enough renewable energy to improve energy resiliency and reliability, while also limiting reliance on fossil fuels. The project will include an array of solar photovoltaic panels and a wind generator. The project team worked closely with the local utility to verify the correct and safe way to connect the power generation to the local electrical grid. The proper safety devices have been included in the design to prevent the system from back feeding the grid if there is an area wide power outage.

The Pond team attended a design kick off and site investigation to review criteria and project objectives with the local staff at St Croix Air National Guard Station. The various buildings and the site was investigated during the site visit to determine the best buildings to accept the new panels and the best location for the wind generator. During the site visit, the team also met with the local utility to understand the regulatory process for installing renewable energy systems.
During the design process, a financial analysis was run for the design to determine the best option for the installation based on the local utility rates, the solar and wind production capabilities and the construction cost of the various combinations of systems. The financial analysis determined the best course of action to be followed that allowed for the maximization of construction funds and shortest payback period.

Pond is currently providing Design Documents for the installation of new photovoltaic (PV) panels located at the VIANG installation which includes four main buildings and a guard shack. This project will include adding solar panels located on buildings 110, 107 and 100. A wind generator will be added behind building 110. This will require minimal site disturbance.

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