Constitution Lakes - DeKalb County, GA

Constitution Lakes is 141 acres of floodplain and wetlands located just outside the city limits of Atlanta. DeKalb County Parks and Recreation retained Pond to help make this wetland area accessible to the public as a nature preserve. The two wetland lakes, which exist as a result of a century old brick manufacturing facility, attract an array of birds, including kingfishers, egrets, and heron.

Pond conducted an analysis of the site, looking at vegetative cover, habitats, soils, slopes, and existing use patterns, then developed a master plan reflecting the best locations for access, parking, trails, and boardwalk throughout the property. The plan, which has begun to be implemented in phases, includes a gravel parking lot for approximately 30 cars, a half-mile paved trail from the parking area to the lakes (both completed in 2005 and 2007), a series of boardwalks for greater access to the lakes, and a full loop trail system of paths and boardwalks to give visitors greater access to this semi-urban nature preserve. Friends of Constitution Lakes Park quickly formed and continues to promote, clean, and advocate for the park.

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