Community Activity Center | Troop Feeding Facility - Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL

Pond prepared a CCD followed by 100% construction documents for the new Troop Feeding Facility and Community Activity Center (TFF-CAC) at Homestead ARB. The project consists of BIM design of a new dining facility with commercial grade kitchen, seating for 300 diners, a bar/lounge, community activity center, administrative offices and storage. Existing parking lots were reconfigured to meet necessary Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) setbacks and new parking was constructed. The Pond team provided full A/E services for this project. An on-site charrette was conducted at the start of the design phase to further develop the original concept formed during the CCD phase.

The project included comprehensive planning during the charrette phase, in order to site the facility. The new TFF-CAC project was constructed on the site of the existing running track and included demolishing the existing club structure. The new facility has concrete masonry unit (CMU) exterior walls with a combination of stucco and split-faced CMU finish, a combination of standing seam metal and flat (low sloped) roofs and provides the required mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems. The new facility will be compatible with troop feeding operations, provide for the recreational needs of base personnel when off duty, and supports all administrative needs of staff members with offices, restrooms, and associated areas.

The TFF-CAC design used an integrated design approach and the design will include LEED® Silver Certification, based on U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Version 3.0 standards. Points will be obtained in energy and water conservation, use of recovered materials and water reduction.

A phased construction schedule was proposed to allow operation of the existing club, and Building 401 until the new facility was operational; at which time the existing club was demolished. The project also included lead-based paint and asbestos survey/analysis and abatement design development as required by the demolition of Building 401. Site development included necessary environmental compliance including NPDES permitting, as the disturbed area exceeded five acres.

2011 US Air Force Merit Award for Concept Design

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