Clayton County Police Sector 2 Precinct - Riverdale, Georgia


Pond was selected to program and design the new precinct for Georgia’s Clayton County Police. The Sector 2 precinct serves the densely-populated area of Clayton county that includes a dense residential, commercial, and industrial areas near the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

This precinct facility is designed to assure the best possible level of occupant security and force protection based on the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) standards and Pond’s expertise in military Anti-Terrorism Force Protection.

The new facility envelope is designed as a solid exterior wall construction with secure areas for interaction with the public and provides best practices of threat mitigation. All operational areas of the precinct are separated from public access by secure walls, door and windows through a modern access control, keycard only entry system. The facility includes an emergency generator backup of all critical systems, including light, power, communications and HVAC.

The programming elements for this precinct includes the following:

  • Public Entry and Public Community Room
  • Chief and Administration Office Area
  • Fitness Center | Lockers/Showers/Restrooms
  • Police Patrol Roll Call & Break Area
  • Weapons Armory
  • Property & Evidence Storage
  • Criminal Investigation Unit (CID) Area
  • Private & Secured Interview Room
  • Secured Parking for Public Safety Vehicles
  • On-Site Fueling Facility

The Pond architecture team along with the Police and the Clayton County Facilities leadership, identified the critical goals, and outcomes for the project, resulting in a modern facility that provides officers with a secure facility to better serve the public.


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