Brooks Library Commisioning - Norfolk State University, VA

Pond provided acceptance level (Construction phase) commissioning of the HVAC, Plumbing and electrical systems in conjunction with the Norfolk State University project. The work included mechanical equipment installation verification, proper system start-up functional/operational performance testing, verification of operation and maintenance (O&M) training and complete documentation of the HVAC systems.Operational performance testing verified the systems perform as designed under all specified modes of operation. As Commissioning agents we worked directly for the owner and are independent of designers, contractors, vendors and suppliers on the project. We maintained an unbiased approach to problem solving and conflict resolution. Our knowledge of HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, experience in Direct Digital Controls and our practical construction background gave us the ability to organize many specific activities into a coherent commissioning plan. A final comprehensive commissioning report was provided at project completion.

The Norfolk State University work included coordinating commissioning work with contractors and the construction manager included commissioning meetings with testing and air balancing (TAB) contractor, controls contractor and second tier contractors. Site visits were provided as necessary to witness HVAC system tests, duct work leakage tests, documentation of system start-up and to verify system installation, and operation.

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