Briscoe Field Runway 07 Rehabilitation & Extension - Gwinnett County Airport, Lawrenceville, GA

Pond provided engineering design and full-time field construction engineering services as a member of the team selected for the airport’s architecture and engineering multi-year demand services engineering contract. Pond’s responsibilities included civil and electrical engineering along with on-site construction management. Pond also provided architectural and mechanical engineering services on projects as needed.

Initial services were focused on the extension of Taxiway “B” to the end of Runway 07. This work required Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA and Gwinnett County’s stormwater management approval due to environmental issues with existing state waters on site. The project included 2,700 linear feet of asphalt pavement extension along with extensive earthwork (over 30’ of fill). The project also consisted of taxiway edge lighting, additional lighted informational and directional signage as well as ductbanks for future expansion.

After construction of the Taxiway “B” extension, Pond, along with Pegasus Associates International, investigated techniques to provide cost efficient pavement rehabilitation of the 6,000 linear foot runway. The existing asphalt runway was over 12 years old and in need of maintenance. Three possible rehabilitation techniques were investigated including asphalt milling and overlay, total asphalt replacement and concrete topping. Additional issues were also evaluated for the rehabilitation project including construction cost, airfield closure time and life cycle for pavement rehabilitation. Extensive coordination of construction costs as well as tenant operations was essential during this project as these issues are substantially affected by the options for airfield closure for construction. Pond also provided full time construction administration services for the project.

As a result, Pond provided services to strengthen and rehabilitate the existing asphalt runway. This included approximately 5,000 linear feet of pavement overlay, 1,000 linear feet of runway reconstruction due to pavement failures, and significant coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the user for phasing, safety and night work restrictions.

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